Our Services

Ratings Advisory Service

Based on a metric analysis of key performance indicators and targeted audits, mining companies will be designated performance ratings, which, in partnership with our partners, may be publicly released.

Financial Assurance

We providing expert advice and systems for financial assurance to support the mining and supply chains using recognized international benchmarks, such as the IRMA Standard.

Accreditation / Certification

Implementation of accreditation and certification programs across the mining and supply chains.

Training & Development

MSI will develop training courses and certification for analysts, government regulators and internal company compliance and expertise development.

Diagnostic Review & Board Assurance

Boards may request compliance reviews for internal governance purposes.

MSI Proprietary Research

Utilizing the depth of its market knowledge, MSI will produce various research products, including an annual assessment of industry risk and performance indicators.

General Advisory Services

MSI can advise governments and other stakeholders on best practice regulatory and supervisory functions to measure performance in the mining sector.